A Family Dog

A North Idaho training and boarding facility with the love and care your dog needs.

A Family Dog

We can help

0-06-210Training can and should be a positive, relationship building experience – We can Help!

Contact Us today to begin building a better, more reliable relationship with your dog.

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Good behavior, exercise and love

0-05-210Expecting good behavior from your dog and providing him with exercise and love is essential for having a dog that is fun for everyone to be around.

While many dogs have behaviors that create family stress and frustration, We believe that every dog deserves the opportunity to rehabilitate and benefit from the training provided to the dog and its family.

A Family Dog works with behavior problems of all kinds

When a dog has developed behavior issues that have just become too difficult to deal with – contact us.

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We know that success depends on having a good plan of action and a way to consistently implement it.

All training programs are tailored to you and your dog’s specific needs

0-03-210A Family Dog offers private family dog training at your home or at our facility.

As a part of all training programs, it is suggested that owners consult with us in their home to evaluate environmental influences and assess the temperament and training needs of your dog. We help owners start right with skills and manners unique for puppies and newly adopted dogs. We know how much easier it is to start with the right goals than to deal with problems later.

We understand training friendly good manners

0-02-210You have a dog.

You want friendly, good manners.

You may have a busy life or life changes that make consistent training or behavior modification difficult. Perhaps you’ve had other dogs that ran your life or you’ve never had a dog before.

Whatever your needs, A Family Dog has a training or boarding program for you!

A Family Dog offers boarding for your family dog while you are away

0-01-210Our kennels are indoors, climate controlled and offer a safe, clean environment for your dogs stay.

A Family Dog is located in Bonners Ferry – beautiful Northern Idaho with Sandpoint, Montana and Canada as our near neighbors.

Our goal is to offer a stress free environment and we promise hands on attention, recreation and most important; quality care with a home touch!